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cultivated meat

We believe the key to producing higher-quality meat is to leverage the latest innovative technologies. By combining cow scaffolds with cow cells, we aim to create steaks that are juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor.

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Our meats are distinct in that they are “structured meats” like steaks.*

We create cell line banks from the species we will replicate the tissue and fat for, then we start the cultivation process.

  • 1

    Cells taken from the working cell are expanded in large numbers

  • 2

    Cells are differentiated to the desired cell types

  • 3

    The desired cell types are bio-printed to generate the meat


It’s early days for cultivated meat but big things are happening fast.

The cultivated meat market is predicted to reach 35% of the total global meat market by 2040.

Come 2040, this is an upward of $50 USD Billion market opportunity in the USA alone and, a $450 billion market opportunity worldwide.

Growing demand with largest consumer segment



TRY: 77% of people under 50 are willing to try cultivated meat. 87% of those are under the age of 35.



BUY: 69% of people under 50 are likely to buy cultivated meat. 79% of those are under the age of 35.

Spend more


SPEND MORE: 58% of those who buy are willing to pay more for cultivated meat.


35% of the total global meat market by 2040.


$50 USD Billion market opportunity come 2040


We love steak

While other cultivated meat companies focus on shapeless meat (nugget or sausage style), we are focused on thick cuts of steak and chops. We like it thick, it’s just that simple.

We collaborate with the best

We have a multidisciplinary research collaboration with top experts at Rutgers University to bring together decades of experience in tissue engineering, stem cell technology, scaffold engineering and process development.

We’re building a moat around our scaffold and process

We have filed two patents, one to protect our unique scaffold, the other to protect our unique cell lines and process. 

The Atelier scaffold is the framework on which cells attach and grow to form thick, perfectly textured and marbled meat. The scaffold is a living scaffold containing key factors needed for cell response. It mediates cell attachment, proliferation , and, most importantly, cell alignment, leading to a “structured meat.”

The problem

Food Security:

Current industrial meat production is unsustainable, won’t meet demand.

Global warming:

Demand is shifting with environmental awareness growing amongst consumers.

Due to population growth, urbanization, and income growth , demand continues to increase for protein like beef and pork. Yet, we are running out of land to support this growth. Currently, 41% of all land in America is used to support livestock.

Livestock is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. While 75% of all deforestation is for livestock production.

Ethical and nutritional awareness growth

Shift in food from plant-based diets towards more “conscious carnivores,” “virtuous consumption” and “ethical protein.”

Infectious disease growth

Scientists estimate that more than 6 out of every 10 known infectious diseases in people can be spread from animals.

Our advancement in scaffold technology will provide secure, sustainable production of real meat. We will create steaks that people love in perpetuity, cultivated and guilt-free.

We are the only company using our proprietary scaffold technology to, develop the methods to make thick cuts of real meat. It’s steak without the cow.

And as consumer demands change, we’re addressing increasing ethical awareness. Producing designer meat without killing a single animal doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the flavor and texture consumers love in thick, juicy steaks!

The solution


Managing land use and creating cultivated meat in controlled environments allows for 
a predictable and safe supply.


Cultivated meat reduces land use by 95% and global greenhouse gasses by 92% when compared with traditionally produced beef.


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