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Atelier Meats Announces Successful Completion of Cultivated Meat

Pivotal milestone reached with production of proof of concept cultivated meat. April 5 , 2023 –Vancouver, BC – Atelier Meats Corp. (“Atelier Meats” or ... continue reading

Here’s How Lab-Grown Meat Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When people think about how the agricultural industry negatively impacts the environment, much of the talk goes into how the transportation of goods is ... continue reading

Rutgers Researchers Partner with Cultivated Meat Company to Create Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Low-Cost Meat

Newswise — A pair of Rutgers researchers are teaming up to combat climate change and worldwide hunger at the same time. Yong Mao, associate ... continue reading

Biotechnology Company Atelier Meats is Bringing Clean Lab-Grown Meat to Dinner Tables

By harnessing advanced biotechnology, tissue engineering, and process development, Atelier Meats is producing meat that replicates the flavor and taste of the real thing.

Atelier Meats Corp. and Rutgers Initiate Collaborative R&D to Develop Proprietary Technology for Production of Cultivated Meats

New Brunswick, New Jersey–(Newsfile Corp. – March 7, 2022) – Atelier Meats Corp. (“Atelier” or the “Company”), a biotechnology company focused on development and ... continue reading

Steak’s Next Frontier: Customized and Lab-Grown to Order

Advancements in cell-grown meat offer consumers more choice without harming any animals. Is it really the miracle meat we were promised?

No Animal Was Killed in the Creation of this Steak, Atelier Meats’ Co-Founder Rahim Rajwani Explains

Those concerned with animal welfare will often make the decision to become vegetarians. By choosing a plant-based diet, they are voting against the practices ... continue reading

Sustainable Cell Sources for Cultivated Meat

Cultivated meat is synonymous with cell-based meat, clean meat, textured meat or in-vitro meat, is one type of cellular agriculture. Due to the environmental ... continue reading